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Outfitted with the latest equipment, ASAP Pilot Car Services is able to handle all escort needs, whether they be large or small. Contact us to learn about what we can offer your next job.


Years of operating experience and relationships with some of Montana's best pilot car operators mean that ASAP Pilot Car Services is able to offer the experience that you need.


We strive to ensure that your oversize load is delivered quickly and efficiently. We believe in safety, and you can expect that level of commitment from us in every job.

ASAP Pilot Car Service*A*S*A*P* Pilot Car Service provides the Oversize Load Driver with safe, dependable, and experienced escort services.

Carolyn Johnson, your driver, has experience escorting all manner of oversized loads. Her experience, coupled with her pleasant personality, and dedicated and honest work ethic, will insure the safe delivery of your load.

*A*S*A*P* Pilot Car Service operates in conjunction with several other pilot car companies in the area in order to provide you with as many pilot cars that you need. Although based in Billings, Montana, *A*S*A*P* Pilot Car Service operates over a wide area, with runs stretching as far as Houston, Texas.

Equipped with onboard GPS, CB and VHF radios, certified and insured, *A*S*A*P* Pilot Car Service is able to give you the service you need. Give Carolyn a call at 406-600-9703, or fill out the contact form on this website to schedule an escort for your Oversized Load.

Nationwide Escort Services

We offer services through Montana and the surrounding states. With trip limits as distant as Houston, Texas, we are equipped to assist in the escort of your next oversize load, regardless of distance or size. Contact us today to learn more.

Hi-Pole and Professional Route Surveys

We provide both high pole and route survey services to meet any job’s needs. For more information on these services and others, contact us.